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Belinda Lee
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Belina Lee

Knockout blonde Belinda Lee was born in Devon, England to a hotel owner and florist on June 15, 1935. An incredible beauty in her teens, She attended the Rookesbury Park Prep School at Hampshire and St. Margaret's at Devon. Expressing an avid interest in acting at a young age, she focused on dramatics at the Tudor Arts Academy at Surrey, then gained entry at RADA. She was noticed by the Rank Studio Organization while performing in a play there and groomed in starlet parts, the first being The Runaway Bus (1954). That same year she married Rank Organization photographer Cornel Lucas. After a few more theatre performances at the Nottingham Playhouse, Belinda focused intently on films, but as a hard-looking peroxide blonde bombshell, she found herself labeled as a second-string Diana Dors and was cast as such. She played a sexy foil to Benny Hill in Who Done It? (1956) and was served up as typical window dressing opposite John Gregson in Miracle in Soho (1957) and Louis Jourdan in Dangerous Exile (1957), finding it impossible to break from the stereotype. After divorcing Lucas, Belinda headed off to Italy for a change of pace and atmosphere but got more of the same. This time she played temptresses in adventures and spectacles such as Marie of the Isles (1959) and Joseph and His Brethren (1960). It all ended much too soon for the 26-year-old when she was killed in a car accident while visiting California.

Belinda's filmography
Murder by proxy
The bells of St. trinian's
The runaway bus
Meet Mr. callaghan
The case of canary jones
Footsteps in the fog
Man of the moment
No smoking
Who done it
Life with the lyons
The feminine touch
The big money
The secret plane
Miracle in soho
Dangerous exile
Nor the moon by night
La venere di cheronea
Ce corps tant desire
Les drangueurs
I magliari
Die wahrheit uber rosemarie
Le notti di lucrezia borgia
Marie des isles
Brevi amori a palma di majorca
the hit man
Der satan lockt mit liebe
Messalina venere imperatrice
La lunga notte del '43
Guiseppe vendutto dai fratelli
Feminine di lusso
Fantasmi a Roma
Constantino il grande