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Betty Grable
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Betty Grable

Betty Grable
Ruth Elizabeth Grable was born on the 18th of december 1916 in St Louis Missouri.
Her mother, a very materialistic women, allways pushed her daughter to make her a star.
Ruths (Betty) first lessons in dancing began at the age of three in Clark's Dancing School.
With her mothers help Betty studied ballet and tapdancing.
And when she was 13 years old her mother goes to hollywood to make her daughter a star.
Her mother lied about her daughters age and Betty played some little roles in movies like Whoopee (1930) and in 1932 Betty signed a contract at the RKO studios.
The continued playing bit parts for 3 years.
But in 1934 things began to change she get bigger roles and a new star was born.
She married for the first time with childstar Jackie Coogan but in 1940 they divorced.In that year she playe in movies like Down Argentine Way and the public start to love this young moviestar.
And her famous pose during the world war 2 adorned barracs all around the world.
As pin up model and moviestar Betty became the most loved and highest paid moviestar of the world.
And after the world war her star keeps rising and in 1947 she earned $300.000 a year.
Betty continued to be very populair until the mid fifties her last movie was made in 1955.
And then she concentrated on Broadway and nightclubs.
She divorced for the seccond time in 1965 of Bandleader Harry James.
Betty allways cared more about her family then her carriere but how sad she died on 2 july 1973 of cancer But her legend never dies.

Betty's filmography
Let's go places (1930)
New movietown follies of 1930 (1930)
Whoopee (1930)
Kiki (1931)
Palmy days (1931)
The greeks had a word for them (1932)
The kid from spain (1932)
Child of manhattan (1932)
Hold 'em jail (1932)
Probation (1932)
Cavalcade (1933)
Sweetheart of sigma high (1933)
Melody cruise (1933)
What a price innocence (1933)
By your leave (1934)
Student tour (1934)
The gay divorce (1934)
The nitwits (1935)
Old man rythym (1935)
Collegiate (1936)
Follow the fleet (1936)
Don't turn 'em loose (1936)
Pigskin parade (1936)
This way please (1937)
Thrill of a lifetime (1937)
Give me a sailor (1938)
College swing (1938)
Campus confessions (1938)
Man about town (1939)
Million dollar legs (1939)
The day the bookies wept (1939)
Down argentine way (1940)
Tin pan alley (1940)
Moon over miami (1941)
A yank in the R.A.F (1941)
I wake up screaming (1942)
Song of the islands (1942)
Footlight serenade (1942)
Springtime in the rockies (1942)
Coney island (1943)
Sweet rosie O'grady (1943)
Four jills in a jeep (1944)
Pin up girl (1944)
Wing and a prayer (1944)
Billy rose's diamond horseshoe (1944)
The dolly sisters (1945)
Do you love me (1946)
The shocking miss pilgrim (1947)
Mother wore tights (1947)
That lady in ermine (1948)
When my baby smiles at me (1948)
The beautiful blonde from bashful bend (1949)
Wabash avenue (1950)
My blue heaven (1950)
Call me sister (1951)
Meet me after the show (1951)
The farmer takes a wife (1953)
How to marry a millionaire (1953)
Three for the show (1955)
How to be very very popular (1955)