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Marilyn Monroe
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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn monroe one of the most famous moviestar of the fifties was born on the forst of june 1926 her name was Norma Jeane Mortenson.
Her mother Gladys Monroe couldn't raise her daughter so she brought Norma Jeane to a fosterhome where she stayed until she was 7 years old.
But then when Norma Jeane was 7 years old Gladys had enough money to take Norma Jeane back and take care of her.
Everything seems to be perfect Norma Jeane is happy with the new situation and gladys to.
But when Norma Jeane is 9 years old Gladys goes to an institution for mental sick persons and Norma Jeane goes to an orphanige  where she stayed until she was 11 years old.
And when Norma Jeane is 11 years old she goes to an close friend of Gladys Grace Mc Kee and there she stayed until she married at the age of 16 with the son of the neighbours Jim Dougherty.
Jim Dougherty was 21 years old when he married with the 16 years old Norma Jeane but they were a very happy young couple and nothing seems to interupt that.
And when Jim goes away for a while Norma Jeane writes her husband more then 200 letters and in every letter she writes how much she miss him and that she's lonesome without him.
In 1944  Norma Jeane works at Radio Plane Munitions factory and on one day there came a photographer named David Conover.
David conover came to make pictures of girls in the war industry and when he saw Norma Jeane he wanted to make pictures of her working.
And when he saw the pics he was send it to the blue book modeling agency and Norma Jeane began to moddeling.
And in 1946 Norma's life was changing she dyed her hair from dark to blonde,she divorced from 'Jimmie',she signed a contract by 20th century fox and she changed her name to Marilyn Monroe.
Until 1953 Marilyn was not really famous but when Niagara came in the cinemas the star was born and she became a real celeb.
In the same year she met her seccond husband the baseball player Joe Dimaggio.
And on 14 january 1954 she married with him.
But it wasn't a very happy marriage Joe was a very jelous guy and he abused her many times.
They divorced 9 months after they were married in 1955 after the filming of the famous blowing skirt scene in the seven year itch.
And again Marilyn was alone this time she moved to New York to start her own compagny Marilyn Monroe Productions.
And in 1956 after a year New York Marilyn goes back to hollywood to start a new production Bus Stop.
In that year she married for the 3th time this time with playwriter Arthur Miller.
Marilyn was very happy in her marriage with arthur and she wanted to have childeren of her own.
But after a couple of miscarriages she gave up and to forgot the pain she began to take pills and alcohole.
Arthur wasn't happy with that and tried everything to make her happy again he writes a play for her named the misfits but nothing seems to help and after 4 years of marriage they divorced.
And again Marilyn was alone.
It was a very hard life for her and she was very unhappy at that time.
In 1962 she played her last unfinished film Somethings got to give .
She was found death in her bedroom a couple of months later on 5 august 1962 she was 36 years old.

Marilyn's filmography
The shocking miss pilgrim (1947)
Scudda hoo scudda hay (1948)
Dangerous years (" ")
Ladies of the chorus (1949)
A ticket to tomahawk (1950)
Right cross (" ")
The fireball (" ")
Love happy (" ")
The asphalt jungle (" ")
All about eve (" ")
Love nest (1951)
Let's make it legal (" ")
Hometown story (" ")
As young as you feel (" ")
O.henry's full house (1952)
Monkey business (" ")
Clash by night (" ")
We're not married (" ")
Don't bother to knock (" ")
Niagara (1953)
Gentlemen prefer blondes (" ")
How to marry a millionaire (" ")
There's no business like showbusiness (1954)
River of no return (" ")
The seven year itch (1955)
Bus stop (1956)
The prince and the showgirl (1957)
Some like it hot (1959)
Let's make love (1960)
The misfits (1961)
Something's got to give (1962) (unfinished)